High-tech Enterprise Certificate

Investing huge amounts of money in new products, is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, a private technology company, a member of the China Light Industry Machinery Association, and has obtained free funding for new high-tech development projects, and a technology innovation fund for technology-based enterprises. We continue to update and add Equipment, only to obtain good product quality, more than 100 new models have been continuously developed for more than ten years to meet the needs of the market, many of which are even comparable to the automation models, which we are proud of. Place.

CE Certification

The "Maolong" brand series cutting machines are designed and manufactured using CAD and Solidworks, and after the analysis of the computer Visual Nastran Desktop, the products meet the requirements with the computer-aided manufacturing tools, so that the products can reach standardization and automation. , Mass production, every processing detail in the manufacturing process is also strictly managed.